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Overland Travel - Do It Yourself Kit.

The following are links to country by country border crossings

and Overlanders useful travel information.

Australia: Shipping a Vehicle Out of Australia

Australia: Shipping a Vehicle BACK to Australia

South East Asian Travel: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Mongolia.

Malaysia: Overland Malaysia and Shipping a Vehicle into KL

Myanmar/Burma Travel: Update - Overland travel looks promising

Thailand: Overland Thailand and Border Crossings.

Cambodia: Overland Cambodia and Border Crossings

Laos: Overland Laos and Border Crossings

China: Overland China and Tibet and Border Crossings

Mongolia: Overland Mongolia and Border Crossings

Russian Travel:

Russia: Overland Russia and Border Crossings

Russia: The Road of Bones

Russia: Shipping into or out of Vladivostok

Travelling the North American Continent:

USA: Shipping a Vehicle to USA. (Long Beach California)

USA: Overland US and Border Crossings from Mexico and Canada.

Canada: Overland Canada and Border Crossings from the US

Travelling Central America:

Mexico: Overland Mexico -The Baja Peninsula and Border Crossings from/to the US.

Mexico: Overland Mexico and The Border Crossings.

Belize: Overland Belize and The Border Crossing from Mexico.

Guatemala: Overland Guatemala and the Border Crossing From Belize

Honduras: Overland Honduras and the Border Crossing from Guatemala

Nicaragua: Overland Nicaragua and the Border Crossing from Honduras

Costa Rica: Overland Costa Rica and the Border Crossing from Nicaragua

Panama: Overland Panama and the Border Crossing from Costa Rica

Travelling South America:

Colombia: Shipping from Panama, and Overland Colombia.

Venezuela: Overland Venezuela and the Border Crossing from  Colombia.

Brazil: Overland Brazil and the Border Crossing from Venezuela.

Argentina: Overland Argentina and the Border Crossings from Brazil & Uruguay.

Uruguay: Overland Uruguay and the Border Crossing from Argentina.

Bolivia: Overland Bolivia and the Border Crossing from Argentina.

Chile: Overland Chile and the Border Crossing from Bolivia.

Peru: Overland Peru and the Border Crossing from Chile.

Chile: Shipping a Vehicle from Santiago

Travelling Africa:

South Africa: Shipping a vehicle to Durban and Overlanding Sth Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland

Botswana: Overlanding Botswana and border crossing from Sth Africa

Namibia: Overlanding Namibia and border crossing from Botswana

Zambia: Overlanding Zambia and the border crossing from Namibia

Malawi: Overland Malawi and The Border Crossing from Zambia

Tanzania: Overland Tanzania and The Border Crossing from Malawi

Rwanda: Overland Rwanda and The Border Crossing from Tanzania

Uganda: Overland Uganda and The Border Crossing from Rwanda

Kenya: Overland Kenya and The Border Crossing from Uganda

Ethiopia: Overland Ethiopia. The Border Crossing from and to Kenya

Border crossings procedurers are always changing so corrections or changes in these procedurers are always welcome.

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