2015 Cape York - More Adventurers along Remote Beaches

2011 Cape York - New Explorations and a Revisit to others:

2009 Cape York - Shelburne Bay Exploration:

  1. The Snow Fields of Cape York - White Point

2009 Cape York - Exploring the Beaches by Quad Bike:

  1. 600 kilometres exploring Princess Charlotte Bay, South from Vrilya Point, Somerset and Albany Island, and South from Ussher Point.

Below is Work in Progress

2006 Dragon Tree:

  1. Rudall River National Park, GPS to Percival lakes, Dragon Tree Soak, and out of the Great Sandy Desert at Anna Plains on the Eighty Mile Beach

Cape York:

  1. By Quad Bike - Temple Bay to Ussher Point

2003 Cape York:

  1. On Foot - Orford Bay to Escape River, White Point to Round Point

1998 Great Sandy Desert:

  1. 15 Days by GPS from Balgo, via Chugga Kurri Springs, Lake Mackay to Kiwirrkurra

1997 Cape York:

  1. Eastern Beach Exploration. Escape River, Orford Bay to Capt.Billy Landing, Temple Bay

1996 Double Simpson Desert Crossing:

  1. 20 Days by GPS from Poepple Corner via Geosurvey Hill to Arltunga, then following the Tropic of Capricorn back to Queensland

1995 Madigan’s Line:

  1. A 15 Day GPS crossing of the Simpson Desert following T.C.Madigan’s 1939 camel expedition from Old Andado to Birdsville

1992 Cape York:

  1. Exploration of Eastern Beaches. Orford Bay, Temple Bay, Cape Melville

1991 Cape York:

  1. Exploration of Shelburne Bay and Temple Bay



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